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Jewelry Inspired by my Grandmother's Love for the Beauty in Everyday Things

My maternal grandmother was called "Bama" by my entire family and circle of friends. Bama was a 4'10" bundle of energy. She came of age during the Great Depression and it had a profound effect on her. She was thankful for everything she had and appreciated small luxuries, such as a cold 8 oz. Pepsi on a hot day, a homemade sour cherry pie from the tree outside the kitchen, a pair of sparkly crystal earrings. "Give thanks for small blessings!", she would say.

Bama delighted in the beauty and utility of everyday things and she reused everything, even things most people consider disposable. Coming from the days when clothes were mended rather than tossed, Bama saved buttons - forever. I always loved her button collection. The colorful antique mother-of-pearl, glass, and myriad vintage plastics have inspired me to create jewelry. They are just too pretty to keep hidden away. I hope you agree.

This shop is a tribute to Bama's spirit of re-using mundane items and appreciating their beauty.